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Types of water pipe


There is two kinds of water pipe types .... plastic or metal


The most popular is copper or pex tubing


Copper is the most common type of water line used in homes , commercial and industrial even though it is more expensive than pex.  Copper is very resistant to corrosion and can with stand high temperatures.  Copper comes in three different thickness.  M being the thinest, L being the middle and K being the thickest wall pipe.

Copper is used for both domestic water and hydronic heating.


Pex pipe also know as cross linked polyethene is used for both domestic waterline and hydronic heating.  It also has the same outside diameter as copper.  Pex is largely used for infloor heating and comes in rolls up to 500 ft. 



Types of drain pipes


There is several drain or DWV pipes currently used in the plumbing industry.


ABS Pipe, PVC Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, Copper Pipe.



ABS pipe is largely used in the residental market.  It is black in color and is highly resistant to chemicals.  Abs is very flammable.


PVC pipe is largely used for underground plumbing and commercial piping.  PVC pipe usually has a fire rating and is very popular in multi residental properties.


Cast Iron pipe is largely used in commercial or industrial piping.

Cast Iron is nonflammable


Copper pipe is largely used in commercial or industrial piping. It is nonfamable and is the most expensive piping out of all the four types listed. 



Top reasons to do your plumbing right and by code



There is a reason why you need to do your plumbing right as this will affect the preformance of your plumbing system in your home. 



Proper fittings, pipe, hangers and pitch on your drains and vent will ensure your plumbing system will be free from blockage and sewer smells entering your home.


There is a reason for everything.  Proper fittings will ensure the sewer will flow in the right direction with little restriction and furthermore it will enable you to pass a snake or auger down the drain at a later date if the need arises.


Proper hangers will support you plumbing pipes from saging, cracking and maintaining proper pitch.


Proper pitch will ensure the flow of water through your drainage system.


Proper venting will ensure you maintain your trap seal in your Ptrap and will allow your plumbing fixtures to drain properly.


The Plumbing Code in your area was designed over numerous years and experiments to ensure the proper functioning of your plumbing system.


When in doubt, always hire a professional plumber in your area.









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